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    Managing Infertility and Social Commitments

    By Prelude Fertility|January 23rd, 2023

    Taking the first step to start a family is exciting! However, each person’s journey is uniquely different in length, types of treatments, and the emotions that you are feeling each step of the way. During this period of time, social obligations will arise -- holiday get togethers, birthdays, and baby showers. Certain events and social situations may now feel triggering. Depending on which information you have shared and with whom, well-meaning family and friends may ask things like, “When are you going to start a family?”  Here are some tips on how to manage the events and most importantly, your mental health. 

    Make Your Emotional Health Your Main Priority 

    Put yourself first! For some, that can mean staying in instead of going to various activities and events. Whether it’s a small get-together or large New Year’s party, if it feels like it will be too much for you, it is perfectly fine to decline. Your only obligation is to tend to your own emotional needs. And, if you do decide to go, make contingency plans for a graceful exit. 

    Build Your Emotional Support System 

    Throughout your fertility journey, it’s a good idea to find your tribe and to be able to count that your inner circle. Identify the people that you know you can count on to be there for you. As infertility affects 1 in 8 people, it’s likely that you already have a friend or family member that would be happy to support you. 

    Concerned about unexpected or embarrassing questions? It can be helpful to have your elevator speech ready. You are in the driver’s seat and are not required to divulge more details than you are comfortable with. 

    Choose a Smaller Social Settings 

    If large gatherings are too difficult, think about connecting with friends and family for dinner, a simple walk, or even a trip out of town. And, for some, this may be a good time to host a small get-together with trusted friends and family who are familiar with your situation. 

    Pursue a Hobby or Volunteer 

    Distractions can help to take your mind away infertility struggles. It might be a great time to pursue a hobby or consider volunteering for your favorite non-profit. 

    Happy New Year from The Prelude Network® 

    Although infertility can be stressful, we hope that 2023 brings you peace as you embark upon your fertility journey. If you have yet to seek assistance with your family building goals, click here and take the next step.