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    Affordable Fertility

    Navigating Fertility Costs

    Bundl Fertility

    The fertility journey can be complex emotionally and physically—but the financial aspect can also create strain on aspiring parents. Bundl Fertility was created by industry professionals who have all been on that journey.

    By offering fertility treatment packages for a single up-front cost, Bundl makes financing treatments easier, whether you’re starting with IUI or anticipating multiple IVF retrievals. Bundl packages offer the option of financial protection to aspiring parents should their treatments be unsuccessful.* You can also customize your package to include genetic testing and egg bank access.

    Bundl with Medications℠: A Comprehensive Solution

    Understanding that medication expenses can add another layer of complexity and financial stress, Bundl has introduced a new offering: Bundl with Medications℠. This is an inclusive multi-cycle plan that encompasses not just the treatment but also the medication costs. Made possible through a partnership with InspireRx™, a specialty online fertility pharmacy program, this package allows you to consolidate all your fertility treatment and medication expenses into one financial plan.

    Building your family shouldn’t be a financial burden. Bundl gives you the freedom to pursue fertility treatment with less financial stress, empowering aspiring parents to focus on what matters most.

    *Subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions.

    Future Family Financing

    Prelude is proud to partner with Future Family Financing , a national platform for family-building with flexible financial plans and concierge support services, for its U.S. based practices. Through this collaboration, we aim to empower you with more financial options and a clear understanding of financial costs.

    With plans that allow you to pay over 3-60 months, Future Family offers low interest loans without any prepayment penalties, with funding from $5,000 to $50,000 in as little as 48 hours.  

    Our exclusive offering: Prelude patients will have access to the Personalized Payment Choice tool and pre-approval process prior to their new patient consultation. This means you will have financial information early on in the process, reducing the chance of surprise when navigating the cost of fertility care.