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    Our Partners

    Streamlining fertility care for all aspiring parents

    The Prelude Network® maintains partnerships with other top-tier fertility treatment and service providers to help ensure all aspiring parents and growing families get the support they need from day one and throughout their entire journey.

    Innovators in reproductive care, MyEggBank is the premier network of donor egg banks and practices, and one of the largest in North America. It comprises more than 190 affiliated clinics and 30-plus production centers across the U.S. Its rigorous donor screening process gives peace of mind to families and its donor compensation is competitive, helping make connections that result in successful outcomes.

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    Bundl takes the financial stress out of the process by combining multiple fertility treatments into a single package for one reduced, up-front cost. If a patient’s treatments are unsuccessful, Bundl refunds some or all of their investment. Bundl’s risk protection plans are a true industry first, and include custom add-ons for genetic testing, egg donor network access, and more.

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    Available exclusively to our patients, Inspire Rx offers virtual pharmacy services that are streamlined for doctors and cost-effective for patients. By handling all pre-authoriziation and pre-certification, it saves clinic staff time and relieves stress on patients.

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    NutraBloom offers expertly-formulated supplements to support your health and fertility. Developed by physicians with more than 80 years of combined medical experience, NutraBloom vitamins and supplements are made for each stage of your journey.

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    This dedicated, proprietary, long-term tissue storage solution is designed with risk mitigation at its core. It combines state-of-the-art technologies with a physical location away from heightened external risks, such as natural disasters.

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    Our proprietary back-office software helps manage administrative workflow and the patient pipeline. Its functionality includes patient workflows unique to each journey, digital contract creation and execution, and seamless integration with existing EMR.

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