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Our Reputation

Recommendations for the Prelude Fertility Clinics

We find the positive words shared by patients, physicians, and partners to be among the most meaningful measures of our success. Learn more about us through their first-hand experiences.

Stories We're Proud to Share

"Our consultation visit with Dr. Best was amazing. She reviewed our records prior to our visit and was genuinely interested in hearing more about our journey so far. We are extremely happy to have a plan and feel confident with Dr. Best and the RBA team."

Sarah Hunt

"Dr. Griffith was truly exceptional! What stood out to us the most was his evident concern for us as patients. The staff at this establishment is also top-notch! Above all, the results were wonderful, leading to the arrival of our cherished little boy."

Anthony Butts

"Clinical staff and Dr. Witz were all great. It is all a little overwhelming at first, but once you figure out what to ask and who, everyone is very helpful. Knowledge and expertise of staff would be greatly complimented by a detailed set of supportive 'knowledge base' FAQ-type resources."Clinical staff and Dr. Witz were all great. It is all a little overwhelming at first, but once you figure out what to ask and who, everyone is very helpful. Knowledge and expertise of staff would be greatly complimented by a detailed set of supportive 'knowledge base' FAQ-type resources."


"Dr. Failor was very patient and explained everything in detail and explained every option available to me! Wait time was perfect as well!"

Avia McD

"This journey has been one with extreme highs and despairing lows and everything in between, but we were able to make it through everything with the care, compassion and personal attention that Dr Bello, Gabby, Leslie, Kode and Courtney so readily showed us. We feel extremely blessed to have found this practice and in particular, this location and staff. It was easy to understand the plan Dr Bello created and then follow the instructions that her team provided. We have the utmost confidence and faith in HFI Aspire Cypress."


"Dr brown is so kind and thorough. I'm looking forward to this journey with Aspire and all involved to make our little miracle happen."

Korky Fam

"My wife and I are very satisfied with the professionalism, knowledge and especially the empathy and kindness of Dr. Soto. Thank you"

Sebastian Vallejos

"Dr. Ryan and the team are great. She shows genuine concern and interest in her patients and I have only had great experiences. Cannot recommend her enough!"

Jen Miller

"Highly recommend Reproductive Biology Associates to any couple looking for a fertility treatment, my husband & I had a wonderful experience at Reproductive Biology Associates with Dr. Slayden & all RBA staff on our 1st visit to our consultation to see what all fertility options are best for us. Dr. Slayden explained to us in detail for what fertility options would best fit in our needs, he is a great Doctor! Thank you!"


"I had my first visit with Dr.Prokai and just based off our initial meeting I cannot say enough great things about him! He made me feel very comfortable and really took his time explaining everything to me which I so much appreciated. It really helped answer a lot of questions and brought things to my attention that I did not even think about or that I had concerns with. He was kind, funny & extremely knowledgeable! I look forward to continuing on this journey with him and would absolutely recommend him."

Dusti Howard

"Dr Tarantino is awesome. He made me feel so relaxed and comfortable the whole time. He is also very thorough and takes the time to explain the whole process."

Blessing Abia

"Lo máximo la cita con el Dr Soto!! Una angel en este camino rocoso llamado infertilidad, nos devolvió la esperanza! Gracias"

Ana Cecilia Haddad

"This facility is the best! I have always felt like when I was there they are really giving me their attention and dedication to my dream of having a family. I was hesitant because I came from a different treatment center but they have been nothing short of amazing with my journey!"

Brittanie Turano

"My experience with the Aspire team in Kingwood has been fantastic. Dr. Sabouni and her team have been great to work with. You can tell that they love what they do and care about their patients."


"Dr. Steward was very professional and helpful in finding the best protocols to ensure the goal of ivf was met. My husband and I appreciated his compassion and determination through both rounds. The staff at the front was amazing. I really appreciate Rene. She was very reassuring and made sure to answer any questions that came up. We are grateful for them both."


"I saw Dr Goodman from 2016-2020. Dr Goodman was the first dr who i felt not only understood, but was able to help me with my PCOS and endometrial issues. I endured a couple of miscarriages, and with her advice and help, I was able to get my PCOS and endometriosis under control enough that I was able to ovulate on my own and get pregnant naturally. Now we have a beautiful, almost 2 year old girl who fills our life with joy each day. So thank you to the team and Dr Goodman for the support and help and care that helped us get to this point. I only wish she could've been my regular Gynocologist, as trying to find that same care now that we're no longer trying to have a child has been a struggle."

The Jordans

"Dr. Wu and his team are so awesome. From the front office to the back office and not to mention Dr. Mansfield as well. If I could give this clinic 10,000 stars I would. They will treat you like family and will do anything they can to help."

Candace Page

"My husband and I just had our initial consultation with Dr. Slayden and he was very informative and easy to talk to. He had a great personality and we look forward to working with him on our fertility journey."

Ashley Blubaugh

"Very happy with my experience with Dr. Toledo. Very attentive and kind. We felt like he personally cared which is tough to find these days. Highly recommend Dr. Toledo!"

Lyndsey Cole

"Celebration Office: Dr. Sadek and his PCC Josie are amazing. I have never had a doctor with such a calm and kind demeanor, honest and realistic of exceptions that even in moments of "not good news," there is hope. Thank you Dr. Sadek. Josie is the most caring Patient Care Coordinator. I have laughed and cried with the staff and you can just feel the love, support and compassion. They root for you and they cry with you but still remain positive and supportive. I appreciate you all for your kindness, professionalism, support and hope! We are not giving up!"

Kay Baez