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    The Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine

    Fertility Care Clinic in British Columbia and Alberta

    The experts at The Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM) know there are many challenges to overcome for our patients dealing with infertility. They offer a premier patient experience to every person we serve and strive for the best possible outcomes. As a new patient, you can trust that they’ll put your unique fertility care needs first.

    The Prelude Network®

    Prelude means an introduction. And here, that means offering the best treatment options, science, and patient care from the largest and fastest-growing network in North America.

    Services Offered at PCRM

    • In Vitro Fertilization
    • Intrauterine Insemination
    • Prenatal & Genetic Testing
    • Egg Freezing
    • LGBTQ+ Care
    • Male Fertility Care

    Meet the Fertility Specialists

    The doctors at PCRM are committed to providing personalized, compassionate fertility care to each patient.

    Diane Ahn, MD, FRCSC
    Pamela Calderon, MD, FRCSC
    Caitlin Dunne, MD, FRCSC
    Dilan Fernando, MD, FRCSC
    Sarah Halleran, MD, FRCSC
    Jon Havelock, MD, FRCSC, DABOG
    Sara Ilnitsky, MD, FRCSC
    Tina Liang, MD, FRCSC
    Amrita Pooni, BHSc, MD, FRCSC
    Jeffrey Roberts, MD, FRCSC
    Eryn Rubenfeld, MD, FRCSC
    Ken Seethram, MD, FRCSC, FACOG
    David Smithson, MD, MBA, FRCSC


    “To Dr. Havelock and all of the staff at PCRM:  Thank you for the amazing miracles you perform.”

    - PCRM Patient

    “…Thank you so much for making our biggest dream come true!”

    - PCRM Patient

    “Thank you, Drs. Havelock, Roberts & Seethram from the bottom of our hearts!  Our experience at PCRM was wonderful & you’ve given us the most cherished gift of our lives!”

    - PCRM Patient

    The Prelude Network Connection

    The Prelude Network® is the largest and fastest-growing network of fertility centers in North America. Though each center has its own unique approach, our family of partners align on four core pillars of excellence as we collectively bring patients peace of mind and help them grow their families. 

    • Technology-led, patient-focused
    • Nationally-recognized fertility doctors
    • Highest ethical standards
    • The best results 

    The Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine Careers

    The Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine is offering committed and compassionate individuals the opportunity to grow their careers with us. Please explore our current job openings to see if any are the right fit for you. Visit the link below to find the most current job postings at any of our locations.

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