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    Prelude Connect

    Manage Your Fertility Journey — Anytime, Anywhere

    The Prelude Network embraces technology as an enabler for building modern families and providing innovative, patient-centric tools.
    As a Prelude Network patient, you’ll have exclusive access to our mobile application, Prelude Connect. Designed by fertility care experts and informed by the needs and preferences of real patients, Prelude Connect allows you to manage your fertility journey from the convenience of your phone or computer.

    Use Prelude Connect to:

    • Track all of your treatments and appointments on one calendar
    • Correspond directly with your care team
    • Quickly find your latest test results
    • Link your account with a partner’s for easy information sharing

    We’re excited to provide this digital fertility companion to our valued patients. It’s just one way we work to make every step on the fertility journey as smooth as possible.