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    A Network of Top Fertility Clinics

    The Prelude Network® is more than a list of fertility clinics – we are a trusted network for fertility care. Our singular focus is on helping you achieve your family-building dreams, no matter where you live in North America. From Canada to Florida and everywhere in between, you can count on the fertility clinics of The Prelude Network® to be a source of knowledge, compassion, and care.

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    This journey is personal, and your care needs to be accessible. Find the doctors closest to you within our trusted network.

    Fertility Centers That Center Patients

    The fertility clinics within our network are unified by one common mission: to provide fertility patients with the most advanced care in a warm, compassionate environment. When you step foot into a Prelude fertility clinic, you’re more than just a number – you’re part of a community.

    Finding the Best Fertility Clinic for You

    When it comes to finding the best fertility clinic for your fertility journey, what does that mean? With Prelude fertility clinics, it means creating a straightforward, supportive, and deeply sensitive fertility care experience for each and every patient. It means using state-of-the-art technology and expertise to create and grow families. It means having doctors and staff that genuinely care about their patients and what they’re going through. It means cultivating an atmosphere of compassion, inclusivity, and grace without sacrificing clinical integrity. Learn more about how to find the best fertility clinic for your journey.

    "A good fertility clinic comprises a team of people and systems working together. A great fertility clinic makes each patient feel like that team is on their side."

    Nurse Practitioner, Prelude Clinic

    Fertility Clinic FAQs

    Prelude is not an individual fertility clinic, but rather the fastest-growing network of highly-regarded fertility clinics across North America. We currently have 85+ locations.

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