It’s time to take charge
of your fertility.
It’s time to
take charge of
your fertility.

Whether you’re saving your eggs, thinking about egg donation, or ready for a baby, your fertility journey can start here.

  • Preserve your fertility, and your options.

    There’s a quiet revolution going on. One in which we no longer have to fight the clock or rate a first date on the husband scale. Women are having kids later in life and that’s just fine. The Prelude Method is grounded in a simple philosophy: The more you know about the state of your fertility today, the more options you’ll have when you’re ready to be a parent.

    Not infertility.

    You’re in the prime of your life. You’re ready to have a baby, but biology isn’t cooperating. As we age, fertility rates go down. But there’s hope: since 1970, there has been a 400% increase in the number of first-time moms 35 and over. We’re here to help.

    All kinds of families are our kind of families.

    A sperm and an egg and a whole lot of love—that is all you need. We work with LGBTQ families and single-parent families.

    Life can totally begin in your 40s.

    You finally have your life on track, but your eggs are no longer at their peak. Well, modern hurdles require modern solutions. Women in their 40s can conceive using screened donor eggs.

    You’ve got
    eggs to give.

    If you are thinking of donating, thank you! Helping a woman who does not have viable eggs of her own is an incredible gift—to all of us. Prelude honors your generosity by offering our preservation services free to any woman who donates multiple cycles.

    Have healthy babies when you are ready.

    Prelude is a comprehensive fertility company with a focus on providing proactive fertility care. We help preserve your ability to have healthy babies when you’re ready.