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    Fertility Health Span

    The support you need, from curiosity to conception

    Your fertility health span is not about how much time you have left to do something — it’s about having the right support at key moments in time. The Prelude NetworkTM is home to the best treatment options and science, but the most important part of our work is aligning those services to personal experiences, supporting and empowering patients at each step of the journey.

    Pre-Fertility Health

    Part of our mission is to support patients when they first grow curious about their fertility health, providing resources that answer questions they may still be forming. Our experts are here to help with the when, why, and how — because it all leads back to where you are, right now.

    Fertility Testing

    When you’re ready for fertility testing, we’ll connect you to one of the best clinics and physicians near you. But this process is more than sharing a name and address based on location. Our team invites you to chat with one of our New Patient Coordinators, who will listen to your needs and help define this step beyond proximity.

    Egg Freezing and Fertility Preservation

    There are several reasons you may be exploring fertility preservation options, including a health condition or a desire to freeze younger eggs for later use. Whatever your path, we’ll help outline your current options in support of your future family.

    Treatment for Everyone

    Members of the LGBTQ+ community, individuals embarking on single parenthood journeys, any modern family structure — you are seen and supported here. We align our services to your story, and create every opportunity possible to help you build the family you deserve.


    Breaking Down Barriers

    “The fertility team gave us two precious gifts, our twins. There will never be words to express the love and care that was shown to us. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, sometimes the journey to parenthood can be quite difficult. This team showed us love that can never be expressed completely. We adore you all!”

    – Aria G.,
    Prelude Network Patient

    Growing Loving Families

    “From our very first appointment, my husband and I felt at home. The staff is truly amazing. You don’t feelike a patient, you feel like family. Each time I look at my two beautiful children I am reminded of their amazing capabilities.”

    – Samantha N.,
    Prelude Network Patient

    Future Fertility Preserved

    “I am grateful for the compassionate and caring staff and the advances in medical field they have given women like myself when it comes to growing my family in the future. It’s a decision I have no regrets about making, and I encourage others to explore this option for themselves.”

    – Emma P.,
    Prelude Network Patient

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