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    Fertility Preservation

    Family-Building On Your Terms

    Dealing with infertility is one of the most difficult experiences someone can go through. Do you want to have a child one day but aren’t quite ready to become a parent? Are there certain goals you hope to achieve before starting your family? Do you have a medical condition that could potentially impact your fertility later on in life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, fertility preservation may be the right choice for you. Fertility preservation is the process of freezing your eggs, sperm, or embryos so that they can be used in the future. It makes it possible for you to extend your fertility timeline and achieve your dreams on your own terms.

    Fertility Preservation Options With The Prelude Network®

    There are many medical and elective reasons why someone might consider fertility preservation. At The Prelude Network®, our fertility doctors are not only experts in cryopreservation, but also well-versed in the various motivations that lead people to choose fertility preservation.

    Egg Freezing

    Egg freezing makes it possible for women to preserve healthy, mature eggs during their peak fertility years. As women get older, their eggs diminish in both quantity and quality, which can make it more challenging to have a child at older ages. Freezing your eggs when you’re younger and having a higher yield of high-quality eggs makes it more likely for you to successfully have a child later in life. 

    Egg freezing is becoming increasingly popular amongst women of child-bearing age, as it affords them the opportunity to pursue other goals (e.g. education, traveling, career, finding the right partner, etc.) without sacrificing their dreams of having a child.

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    Sperm Freezing

    Also known as sperm banking, sperm freezing is the process of cryopreserving sperm to protect a male’s fertility. Many men choose sperm freezing before undergoing a vasectomy, which gives them the option to still have children if they change their minds later on. Some men choose sperm freezing because they are in high-risk careers or are concerned about age. Although male fertility is not as dependent on age as female fertility, sperm count and quality typically decrease as men get older, which can result in the inability to conceive as well as a higher risk of miscarriage. By freezing your sperm when you are younger and your sperm is at its healthiest, you can alleviate any concerns you have about your future family goals.

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    Embryo Freezing

    Embryo freezing involves making an embryo through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and then, instead of transferring it to the uterus, freezing and storing it for future use. This is commonly utilized by couples and individuals who undergo IVF and end up with a surplus amount of viable embryos. It is also sometimes done by people who want to have a child eventually, but aren’t ready to start a family yet.


    Oncofertility is the medical practice of including fertility preservation under the umbrella of cancer treatment. While therapies such as chemotherapy offer life-saving care, these treatments can have a harmful effect on your reproductive system and tissues, making it difficult to achieve pregnancy afterward. Patients who are facing a cancer diagnosis and wish to preserve their eggs, sperm, or embryos are generally granted expedited care so that fertility preservation doesn’t interfere with their cancer treatment plan.

    Fertility Preservation Before Gender-Affirmation Procedures

    Fertility preservation is becoming increasingly popular amongst transgender and non-binary individuals who are planning on receiving gender-affirming therapies or procedures. This makes it possible for anyone to retain their fertility while still pursuing their authentic selves.

    Connect With a Prelude Clinic for Fertility Preservation

    No matter what your goals are, both present and future, The Prelude Network® is here to support your fertility preservation endeavors. If you’re ready to take the next step, connect with a Prelude fertility clinic today.