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Egg Donation

Helping Families, Funding Tomorrows

Becoming an egg donor is not just a gift — it’s an investment in your future. Each compensation package is unique and varies based on a variety of factors, including location and if you are a repeat donor.

$5K - $111K

Qualified donors will be generously compensated for their time and effort. The compensation package varies by location and can increase for experienced donors. There is a limit of six egg donation cycles. To learn about compensation rates in your area, apply today!

More Perks

Many Prelude clinics offer egg freezing and referral bonuses!

What Should I Expect?

Donor Screening

Donor Screening

  • Two online evaluations followed by a phone interview
  • Fertility analysis including exam and lab work
Acceptance into the Donor Program

Acceptance into the Donor Program

  • Your profile will appear in a patient-only database
  • Once selected, we will arrange for the egg retrieval
Egg Retrieval Process

Egg Retrieval Process

  • Egg stimulation with fertility medication
  • Egg retrieval under IV sedation (15-minute procedure)

About The Prelude Network®

As the largest network of fertility clinics in North America, The Prelude Network® is the preferred choice for egg donors and aspiring parents. Led by reproductive experts, The Prelude Network® has helped over 150,000 people grow their modern families.

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About The Prelude Network

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