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Embarking on Your Fertility Journey in 2024: Real-Life Success Stories to Inspire

By Prelude Fertility|January 29th, 2024

Going through fertility care is bound to come with plenty of ups and downs. Needless to say, getting through it takes a lot of emotional resilience. However, sometimes hearing a beautiful success story can help build up motivation and reignite your spirit. While the path to parenthood through fertility care may be long, it also should be inspiring.

As you navigate your own fertility journey in 2024, we at the Prelude Network® wanted to share some of our favorite patient stories from our various partner clinics to help you find strength and inspiration. Below are some hopeful accounts from aspiring parents who, despite obstacles and uncertainties, were able to achieve their family-building dreams with a little help from the fertility specialists in our network.

A Long But Successful Journey

Pacific Fertility Center: San Francisco and Marin County, CA 

After so many miscarriages, it took a long time for me to believe that I was really going to have a baby. My wife and I held ourselves distant from the pregnancy well into the second trimester; it was hard to let ourselves feel hopeful. But the weeks kept passing and I stayed pregnant. And after reality finally hit, I loved being pregnant. I felt healthy and beautiful, even after my feet swelled up, even after I had grown out of most of my maternity clothes. After our long process to get pregnant, the pregnancy flew by, and on August 2, 2012, our daughter Georgia was born at Kaiser Oakland. She is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen. – T.M.R

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Support + Resilience

IVFMD: Miami, Boca Raton, Cooper City, Jupiter, Naples, and Viera, FL

We credit [Dr. Juergen Eiserman] for her, because without him, I wouldn’t have the answers that I have, and I wouldn’t know that that’s the reason I was having those losses. I had seven altogether, so it was complicated, and it was hard, it was really difficult to get through all of it, and then, to make the decision to try again. But he walked me through every step of the way and was so supportive, and so positive. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to work… 

…‘Go see Dr. Eiserman,’ I tell people all the time. If it’s not working at home, ‘Go see Dr. Eiserman.’ He’s the reason we have her. I tell people all the time just to come here because it was worth it to me to come here, and I know my problem was different than everybody else’s. But it’s the same, because you still have that feeling of wanting to be a mom, and wanting somebody that you can just love unconditionally. And I got that, because of Dr. Eiserman. 

– Jessica

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An Incomparable Fertility Care Experience

Center for Reproductive Medicine: Celebration and Winter Park, FL

Dr. [Sejal] Patel was just absolutely amazing. 1 miscarriage, 1 failed cycle, and finally I write this while holding my sweet baby boy, who is not even 12 hours old yet. Dr. Patel spends her time getting to know you and understand your needs and is not afraid to give you the extra few minutes you need to answer questions or just to get your frustrations out. IVF is not easy and she, along with her whole team, understands that. I have been to countless reproductive clinics and have never ever had this amount of care. I could rave for days about how great she is, but when it comes down to one of the most stressful things in your life, she is there for you and understands how you feel. Never in my two years of working with her, did she ever negate my feelings or try to brush me off. She is caring and nurturing and makes herself available for her patients. 10/10 for Dr. Patel and her team.

– Danielle

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Thoughts from an Egg Donor

Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago: Chicago, Downer’s Grove, and Gurnee, IL

Words can’t describe the feeling of knowing how I’ve potentially changed a family’s life forever. This is why I donate.

– Anonymous egg donor

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One Perfect Egg

Indiana Fertility Institute: Carmel, IN

Our fertility journey proved that it only takes one perfect egg. We knew we wanted to try for a second child, but being 38, almost 39, I knew that we could have trouble, so shortly after our son’s first birthday, we started trying, as well as getting baseline blood work done. We quickly learned that my fertility numbers had drastically changed in the two years since I got pregnant with our first. We were sent to Dr. [Meredith] Provost to see our options. 

Our only real option was IVF, and after doing some research, we jumped right in! Dr. Provost was amazing in making us feel comfortable and supported through an incredibly stressful journey. It was clear we were not just a number or statistic. After retrieval and 24 hours, we had one beautiful embryo that blessed us with our second amazing little boy! We are so thankful to Dr. Provost and her staff for their compassionate care through our journey.

– The Backer Family

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A Fertility Preservation Success Story

NYU Langone Fertility Center: New York City and Westchester, NY

I froze and stored eggs, not knowing if I would ever use them, and eventually, I did IVF and now have 2 babies as a result. I also did PGS (genetic) testing. NYU was recommended to me back in 2017 by a fertility acupuncturist, as one of the best places to go in NYC, and I am SO glad I chose them, and that I got to work with Dr. [Alan] Berkley. He was always brutally honest in setting my expectations and always saw me and treated me as a person – he always remembered my details and nuances, and I felt like I was his only patient when I worked with him. 

His admin team, whom I communicated with on many occasions over the years, is also top-notch – very quick to respond and always has answers for you. I requested Dr. B for both of my transfers, and they made it happen both times – he was my lucky charm, but working with a doctor with as many years of experience as he has was a blessing.

– Julia

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“Our Perseverance Paid Off”

Main Line Fertility: Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, West Chester, Havertown, Reading, and Fort Washington, PA

“Our experience at Main Line Fertility was awesome. We worked with Dr. [Michael] Glassner and his incredible care team. During our journey, we struggled with PCOS and a difficult ectopic pregnancy that resulted in a loss. The nurses understood the emotional, physical, and financial stress of dealing with infertility, and they were so supportive. I’m happy to say that our perseverance paid off, and when we finally found out we were expecting, I felt like the staff at MLF were just as excited as we were. They helped support us through our first trimester and reassured us that things were okay. When we graduated from Main Line Fertility, we received hugs and well wishes from the care team, which really made me feel that they cared about us and our journey.”

– The Health Family

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A Supportive Experience

Tennessee Fertility Institute: Nashville and Franklin, TN

Fertility treatments can be so overwhelming, but Dr. [Christopher] Montville walked us through the process to ensure we understood. I still have the drawing he did for us to help explain IVF during one of our initial consultations. Throughout my appointments and procedures, I felt that the entire staff understood the struggles we were facing and were there to support us on our journey. Two and half years later, we are pregnant with our second child via IVF, and are so grateful to TFI every day – how do you adequately thank the people who made your dreams of having a family come true? We are proud to recommend Dr. Montvale to friends in the area struggling with infertility and hope that their experience is as positive as ours has been.

– K Robinson

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A Wonderful Experience

Aspire Houston Fertility Institute: Houston, Sugar Land, Beaumont, Cypress, Katy, Kingwood, Pearland, The Woodlands, and Webster, TX

I had a wonderful experience at both The Woodlands and Willowbrook locations. Dr. [Jason] Griffith is very caring, listens, has a personable personality, is easy to talk to, and is very thorough. I did 3 rounds of IUI and ended up conceiving on the third round. The nurses at both locations are very friendly and helpful. I always felt like I was in good hands.

– Summer

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Tears of Joy

From the moment my husband and I walked in the door, we felt welcomed, comforted, and confident that Aspire would be able to assist us with our parenthood journey. The doctor and her team listened to our concerns and explained our options in a way we could understand and feel well-informed. We decided to go forward with the IUI procedure. You cannot understand the joy that my husband and I felt when we got the call that our blood test came up positive for pregnancy. We both cried tears of joy! All our fears and uncertainties immediately went away. As of 4/11/17, we are the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy baby girl! We couldn’t have done it without the assistance of Aspire.

– Alexis

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Get the Support You Need for Your Fertility Journey 

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