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    Should I Become an Egg Donor? Common Reasons to Donate

    By Prelude Fertility|November 8th, 2022

    If you’re just beginning to think about donating your eggs, you may be wondering what’s in it for you – or if it’s really worth the commitment. Fortunately, egg donation is not at all a one-way street. There are numerous benefits to becoming an egg donor, and you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with them while making your decision. 

    For many women, it’s unspeakably rewarding to give the gift of parenthood to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to conceive. Your service to them is, quite literally, lifechanging. Other common factors in the decision-making process include financial compensation for donors and free health and fertility screenings that empower you to plan for your future. Want the full picture? We break down all of the most common reasons for donating below.

    Help others by giving an invaluable gift to aspiring parents

    When you donate your eggs, you make someone else’s dream a reality. For many aspiring parents, donor eggs are their last or only chance to have a child, and they’ve often suffered through months or even years of uncertainty as to whether they’ll be able to experience the joy of parenthood. The number of people in this boat is larger than you might think: it includes those who’ve undergone cancer treatment, for instance, or who have certain medical issues, as well as same-sex male couples and women who have undergone multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles using their own eggs.

    Maybe you dream of having your own children one day, and understand the power of helping others achieve that same dream. Maybe you already have children and have witnessed firsthand the great happiness and meaning that they bring to your life. Maybe you don’t plan on having them at all but want to give the gift of life to someone who can’t do it without you. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Whatever your circumstances, know that the gratification of helping aspiring parents conceive is profound. 

    Receive generous financial compensation

    That said, donating your eggs doesn’t only mean fulfilling a stranger’s dream – it’s also an investment in your own. Egg donors are typically paid between $5,000 and $50,000 for their commitment, depending on where they’re located and the number of cycles they complete. If you like the idea of being compensated for an act of extreme kindness – enabling you to cover your tuition, rent, loan payments, or whatever is most pressing to you – egg donation is a great option. Plus, your clinic will cover all medical expenses associated with your donor cycle (or cycles), so you’re not on the hook for any out-of-pocket costs either.

    Empower yourself with a better understanding of your fertility

    In addition to financial compensation, egg donors benefit from free health and fertility screenings as part of the donation process. You get access to all of the results from your screenings, which allow you to make more informed decisions about your own reproductive health. Whether you’re ready to have kids soon or you have no idea what the future holds for you, it can be quite valuable to factor this information into your planning for the rest of your twenties, thirties, and beyond. Throughout the donation process, you’ll be cared for by an expert team of healthcare providers who put your comfort and safety first, every step of the way.

    Invest in your future with free egg freezing services

    In certain cases, depending on your location, you may qualify for free egg freezing services after completing multiple egg donor cycles. Your twenties and early thirties are your most fertile years, but many people want to focus on their education, their career, or another goal during this period, and intend to wait until later to have children. Others might not be sure if kids are in the cards for them at all, but want to keep their options open. If any of that sounds like you, egg donation could be a powerful way to prepare for your future by helping others today. Be sure to check with your clinic during the application process to understand if they offer this option and, if so, what their specific policies are.

    Become an egg donor today

    Everyone’s path to egg donation is unique, and their reasons are often deeply personal. No matter how they come to decide, they’re giving an incredible gift and meeting a very real need. If you’re ready to start your own path to donation, you can apply to be an egg donor here.