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We launched Prelude to change how people think about fertility and enhance what they know.  We're on a mission to help educate women and men about their reproductive health and provide them with the best options, science, and care so everyone can have the opportunity to be a mom or dad when they are ready.

Fertility is such an incredibly personal and vulnerable subject.

The World Health Organization has designated infertility as the “third biggest global epidemic,” and yet as a society, we hardly ever even talk about it…until it gets personal. As more people delay childbirth past their peak fertility years to pursue careers, advanced degrees, or the right life partner, the chances of having a baby the old fashioned way start to decline.

Prelude’s national network of fertility clinics and egg donation centers across the country offers egg freezing, egg storage, genetic testing, IVF and egg donation services — all delivered with the highest level of personalized care by the nation’s leading reproductive endocrinologists and practitioners.

We know every person is unique — you have a different set of circumstances and a personal story to tell — so we work with you to understand your journey, on your timeline, with expert guidance and support.

Pioneering Future Fertility

Our doctors and labs have a long history of pioneering scientific advances. Our network includes Reproductive Biology Associates, the first multi-center network of fertility centers offering the proprietary cryogenic egg vitrification process originally developed by Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy in 2010. Our egg vitrification process has improved the way frozen eggs and embryos are created to surpass the quality of a fresh cycle.

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Prelude’s network of fertility clinics provides a variety of options and care to meet your fertility goals.

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