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Castle Connolly 2024 List of Top Doctors

Read the press release here.

Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

  • Dr. Michelle Catenacci

Aspire San Antonio

  • Dr. Aimee Browne

Aspire Dallas

  • Dr. Christine Mansfield

Aspire HFI

  • Dr. Randall Dunn
  • Dr. Jason Griffith
  • Dr. George Grunert
  • Dr. S. Nurudeen

Center for Reproductive Medicine

  • Dr. Randall Loy
  • Dr. Sharon Jaffe
  • Dr. Albert Asante


  • Dr. Connie Alford
  • Dr. Kenneth Gelman
  • Dr. Kimberly Thompson
  • Dr. Jenifer McCarthy

Indiana Fertility Institute

  • Dr. John Jarrett
  • Dr. Meredith Provost

Main Line Fertility

  • Dr. Michael Glassner
  • Dr. Shahab Minassian
  • Dr. Stephen Somkuti

NYU Langone

  • Dr. James Grifo
  • Dr. David Keefe
  • Dr. Fredrick Licciardi
  • Dr. Rani Fritz
  • Dr. Vasilios Goudas
  • Dr. Satu Kuokkanen
  • Dr. Maria Saketos
  • Dr. Linda Sung

Pacific Fertility Center

  • Dr. Jennifer Agard
  • Dr. Liyun Li
  • Dr. Isabelle Ryan


  • Dr. N. Edward Dourron

Reproductive Biology Associates

  • Dr. Andrew Toledo
  • Dr. Daniel Shapiro
  • Dr. Monica Best
  • Dr.Michael Witt

Reproductive Medicine Group

  • Dr. Sandy Goodman
  • Dr. Betsy McCormick
  • Dr. Samuel Tarantino
  • Dr. Timothy Yeko

Tennessee Fertility Institute

  • Dr. Jane Ruman