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We are here to help you have your baby. We've teamed up with leading fertility clinics to provide you with the best chance of finding exactly the right egg donor so you can have the family you've been dreaming about.

Our Approach

Our Approach
You and Us. One on One. A dedicated care team member will be assigned to help you navigate your unique journey, every step of the way.
A big selection. In fact, the biggest. MyEggBank gives you access to the largest selection of frozen donor eggs in North America. We meet all FDA compliance standards and only accept eggs from rigorously screened donors who go through medical and psychological assessment and genetic screening.
World class science. We are led by world-renowned scientific and laboratory director, Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy. With an international team of reproductive specialists and access to state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, we are able to offer clinical advantages over other egg donation programs.
Full-on Access. In conventional egg donation programs, your egg donor selection options are limited to egg donors who are presented “by the program.” With MyEggBank, we equip you with all the information we have about every egg donor within our frozen donor egg database. Once you’ve found your match, there's no waiting to start your cycle. We work around your schedule to start the cycle that works best for you.
Efficiency. And cost effectiveness. Because of advances in frozen egg technology pioneered by MyEggBank, we're able to offer you more efficient treatments than traditional fresh egg donation. This typically costs one-half to one-third less than conventional egg donation programs

Meet Your Match with MyEggBank

MyEggBank is our frozen donor egg bank, and the largest one in North America. You can browse through hundreds of donors to find your perfect match and build the family you've always dreamed of. MyEggBank offers multiple guarantee programs for egg donor recipients designed to give you peace of mind. Curious? Let's chat.


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