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  • You can save your future self a whole lot of future stress if you think about your fertility now.

    If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, the time is now.

    Preserve your eggs or sperm when they are at their peak. Know that they are in the bank while you figure out your dream job or find your soulmate. Then, when you’re ready, your eggs, sperm, or embryos will be right where you left them in your healthy, fertile 20s or early 30s.
    The Prelude Method is a comprehensive approach to managing fertility that makes it easy and affordable to save your eggs or sperm for later use. Starting at $199 a month, we offer affordable financing options so you can preserve your options to have a healthy baby when you’re ready.

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    The Prelude Method, explained.

    1. Fertility Preservation

    Women’s eggs and men’s sperm are frozen during their peak fertility years—20s and early 30s. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just women’s eggs that carry risks associated with declining fertility. Advancing paternal age also has been associated with higher incidence in offspring of illnesses such as autism and bipolar disorder.

    2. Embryo Creation

    When ready to start a family, eggs and sperm are unfrozen and combined to create embryos.

    3. Genetic Screening

    Before the embryo is implanted, parents are screened for common inherited diseases. If parental testing reveals risks, the embryos are tested for genetic diseases. Embryos are also tested for chromosomal abnormalities. As genetic screening improves, the number of illnesses that can be detected will rise over time, and so will the chances of having a healthy baby.

    4. Single Embryo Transfer

    An embryo is selected that will maximize the likelihood for a healthy birth.

    We encourage everyone in their 20s or 30s to get a fertility checkup. A simple test, done with a finger-prick kit, will tell you how your eggs are doing. And if you’re a guy, a sperm motility test will analyze how many sperm you have and if they are good swimmers.

    If you learn that your eggs or sperm aren’t great, let’s save them now. If they’re doing awesome, then now is the best time to start The Prelude Method and collect some for the future.

    Check your fertility ability or start saving now.

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    Have questions?

    Here are answers to some of the more frequent questions we receive. If you have any additional questions not listed here, feel free to give us a call at 404-459-3549, or email us at

    What is The Prelude Method, and how does it work?

    The Prelude Method, just one of Prelude’s services, is a four-step process for conceiving a baby that occurs over a period of time— for as long as a family has the desire to have children. The Prelude Method starts with people who are in their prime fertility years, their 20s and early 30s, and follows them into their 30s and 40s.

    Who is the Prelude Method for?

    People in their 20s and early 30s who wish to preserve their options for conception and parenting in the future are candidates for The Prelude Method.

    Prelude works with men and women during their peak fertility years to freeze their eggs and sperm, and follows them into their 30s and 40s to preserve their chances of having healthy babies when it’s time for kids.

    What happens when someone is ready to use their eggs?

    When a woman is ready to start a family, the frozen eggs will be thawed and inseminated with a partner’s or donated sperm to produce embryos, which are then genetically sequenced to check their health and viability. One embryo is then selected for single embryo transfer.

    What happens to my eggs if I never use them?

    • Women who choose not to use eggs preserved via vitrification can elect to discard them, donate them to another couple (known to the patient), or donate them to science.
    • Scientific investigation may include, but is not limited to, observation by microscopy, chemical treatment, and or intentional disruption of cellular structures.
    • Egg(s) will not be inseminated by any sperm source without written consent.
    • Post-vitrification these eggs cannot be donated anonymously, in accordance with FDA regulations.

    What does The Prelude Method cost?

    Prelude pricing starts at $199 a month. Our goal is to make Prelude affordable, easy to understand, transparent, and accessible.

    Is there a cost associated with egg storage while they are frozen?

    Frozen egg storage is included in the cost of The Prelude Method.

    How long can eggs be stored?

    Eggs can be stored indefinitely. No evidence has been found that quality deteriorates once the eggs are frozen.

    What type of medications are needed for egg retrieval?

    To prepare for egg retrieval, over approximately 10 days women undergo a series of injections of ovulation-stimulating agents, including human gonadotropin and follicle stimulating hormone, to stimulate multiple egg production.

    A substance known as a GNRH agonist or antagonist is used in conjunction with these drugs to reduce ovarian function. A Lupron injection is used to trigger ovulation and assists in the maturation process of the eggs prior to retrieval.

    Is The Prelude Method a form of frozen egg donation?

    No, The Prelude Method is designed for both women and men who may want to delay childbirth until their 30s and 40s, but want to preserve their own eggs or sperm during their peak fertility years for when they’re ready to have a child.

    How does The Prelude Method help reduce the risk of miscarriage?

    Chromosomal abnormalities can be tested for through preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). PGS is used to help identify the healthiest embryos so that only one embryo is transferred at a time, greatly reducing the probability of miscarriage or multibirth pregnancies.

    What is the advantage of a single embryo transfer (SET)?

    During a single embryo transfer (SET), only one embryo is selected and transferred, reducing the chances of miscarriage, clinical abortion, and having a multi-birth pregnancy.

    What if I don’t live in Atlanta but want to start the Prelude Method?

    Prelude will continue to roll out additional IVF clinics and egg bank partner centers across the nation.

    Why is it important for a woman to know her fertility potential?

    • In a nutshell, the older a woman is, the harder it will be for her to conceive.
    • A woman’s eggs have an expiration date—only most people don’t know that or what it means.
    • To date, there has been a lack of education around this topic; women have not been made aware of this fact, by their doctors or others.
    • A woman is born with all of her eggs. They are depleted over the course of her lifetime, and their quality diminishes as the years go by.
    • By the time she reaches 35, her egg reserves decline dramatically.

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