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We’re shifting the clinical and cultural conversation from infertility to fertility.

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If you are an OB/GYN or other doctor or medical professional, this is an amazing time to be practicing because there are so many advances in our field happening all the time. We would love to talk with you about all the ways we can partner to educate a generation of men and women in their 20s and early 30s about their fertility options.

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Still have questions?

Of course you have questions. We want The Prelude Method to be as transparent and simple to understand as possible. But of course, this is science, and technology, and biology, and a huge life decision all rolled into one. If the information provided does not answer all of your questions and provide you with everything you want to know, please call us directly.

What are the benefits I can expect by becoming a Prelude practitioner/clinic?

The Prelude Method offers professionals a variety of opportunities and benefits:

  • Increased patient volume as a result of Prelude’s marketing efforts to educate men and women in their 20s and 30s about the benefits of preserving their fertility at its peak, as well as to target potential gamete donors.
  • Access to the largest U.S. frozen donor egg bank, including its national network of 100+ clinics.
  • Opportunity for equity with increased value creation as a result of being a Prelude egg bank center.
  • Strong financial support from a leading New York–based private equity firm.
  • A team of leading medical, scientific, and academic experts in reproductive medicine.
  • For REs, Prelude provides higher success rates, access to the first multi-center network of fertility centers offering cryogenic egg vitrification, world-class marketing and lead generation, more patients, new revenue streams, and strong financial support.

As women are delaying childbirth until their 30 and 40s, OB/GYNs have a responsibility to educate their patients on their fertility potential and the options available to them, starting with an AMH test in their 20s to check their baseline ovarian reserves.

How does The Prelude Method help my patients?

The Prelude Method, compared to traditional IVF, offers a variety of benefits for patients:

  • Success rates upwards of 50 percent on the first try—due to use of their younger, preserved gametes.
  • Safer pregnancies—due to reduced risk of miscarriage through PGS/PGD sequencing of embryos and single embryo transfers.
  • Improved probability of having healthy babies—due to PGS/PGD testing.

Prelude also offers shorter wait times for recipients, immediate opportunity for donors that qualify, and exceptional care every step of the way. In addition, it gives patients access to the nation’s largest frozen donor egg bank.

What is the process of engaging with Prelude?

Please contact us at to set up an initial meeting with the Prelude executive team.