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If you are thinking of donating, thank you! Helping a woman who may not have viable eggs of her own is an incredible gift—to all of us.
In addition to the goodness you’ll feel and the monetary compensation you’ll receive, Prelude will honor your generosity by offering our egg-saving fertility service free of charge to any woman who donates multiple cycles. When you help someone else by donating your eggs, you can keep your eggs with us until you’re ready to have a baby.
Like all things worth doing, egg donation isn’t always an easy journey. Becoming a donor takes time and may include some physical discomfort, so we strive to make the experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. We’ll tell you everything you need to know up front, so you can make an informed decision about whether donorship is right for you.

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Here are answers to some of the more frequent questions we receive. If you have any additional questions not listed here, feel free to give us a call at 404-459-3515, or email us at

What is the age requirement for donors?

We accept donors between the ages of 21 and 30.

How much do donors make?

The amount is in the thousands and is determined by several factors. Click here to start your application, and we’ll get you a more accurate quote.

When do I get paid?

Donors receive their compensation check at the follow-up visit after the egg retrieval. This appointment is usually scheduled about one week after the egg retrieval.

How many times can I donate?

The maximum number is six donation cycles per donor.

Can you tell me more about the free “egg-saving” fertility service?

Our promise is simple: Donate eggs for multiple cycles (three in most areas, and we’ll open up our fertility savings procedure to you, for free. This means we’ll save some of your eggs—for you. Then you can come back when you’re in your 30s or 40s, and we’ll help you have your baby when you’re ready.

What health insurance do I need to donate, and what will my out-of-pocket expenses be?

You do not need health insurance to become a donor. We have our own insurance that will protect you during the egg donation process. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you; we cover all expenses associated with your stimulation and egg-retrieval process.

Can you tell me more about Prelude’s egg bank?

Prelude has acquired My Egg Bank, the nation’s largest frozen donor egg bank. This gives Prelude access to the world’s largest egg donor database and cutting-edge scientific methods for egg retrieval.

Where can I donate?

We currently have Egg Donation Centers in five cities: Newark, Delaware; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Lexington, Massachusetts, and Seattle, Washington.

How long does the process take?

It generally takes a matter of weeks. We have streamlined the process to reduce the number of screening appointments. Once you start the stimulation medications, you will be on them for approximately two weeks before having an egg retrieval. Approximately one week following the egg retrieval, a required follow-up visit is scheduled.

Is donating painful?

It is uncomfortable, yes, but not painful. It requires blood tests, ultrasounds, and tiny pinprick injections. The egg retrieval process is performed under IV sedation and requires no cutting, stitches, or risk of scars. One of our experienced doctors will do a vaginal ultrasound to visualize the ovaries, which house your eggs. Then the doctor will introduce a thin needle into the ovary, carefully removing the eggs stimulated that month. This takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and afterward you may have menstrual-like cramping for which prescription medications will be provided.

How many eggs will you take?

In an egg donation cycle, only the eggs that you have available in one month are stimulated and retrieved. When you start your menstrual cycle the following month, a new set of about the same number of eggs are available.

Will the recipients be able to see what I look like now?

The only photos shared with an interested recipient are the childhood photos submitted. Adult photos are never shared with any party outside of our practice.

Can I find out what happens to my egg, after I donate?

Egg donation with Prelude’s My Egg Bank is an anonymous process. This means your identity will not be shared with a recipient of the eggs and you will not know the outcome of your donated eggs.

Prelude’s My Egg Bank offers egg donors the opportunity to have their identity disclosed to any child(ren) born from their donated eggs when each child reaches age 18. Donors should be mindful that not every child born from donor eggs will want to know the identity of their egg donor and not every recipient parent will share information about their conception with their child.

Do I have to stop taking birth control?

Some donors are taken off birth control before getting started, while others may be put on a pill to coordinate the cycle. This is based on the individual donor and it is not recommended that any applicant change her regimen of birth control prior to seeing an egg donor coordinator, unless she wishes to change for her own reasons.

Do the medications cause side effects?

As with many medications, there can be side effects. The medications taken to stimulate your ovaries are the same hormones you already have in your body. So side effects are similar to what you may experience prior to a period like bloating, cramping, nausea, and breast tenderness.

Will egg donation affect my own ability to have children?

There is no evidence of a correlation between donating eggs and future infertility. Our number one priority is your safety and dignity.

I read online about OHSS. Will that happen to me?

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, or OHSS, occurs when the ovaries become swollen and painful. OHSS can cause a donor to experience bloating, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and temporary problems urinating. However, since the current stimulation protocol used by MEBNA/RBA has been implemented, there have been no reported cases of OHSS.

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