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    Getting pregnant in your later 30s and 40s isn’t always simple. We can help.
    Prelude is a new kind of fertility service: We’re fully equipped to evaluate your reproductive situation, help you get pregnant, and offer screened donor eggs for those who could use a bit of help in the egg department.

    Prelude has teamed with one of the nation’s leading fertility clinics Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta and the nation’s largest frozen donor egg bank—My Egg Bank North America—to offer you the latest reproductive science and technology services. You’ll understand your choices and feel confident that whatever option you choose, you’ll have dramatically higher chances of success.


    Donor eggs work!

    If you already know you want a donor egg, My Egg Bank is the largest frozen donor egg bank in North America. It also has the highest live-birth success rates. Many of our Prelude clinics offer multiple guarantee programs to provide peace of mind.
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    Still have questions?

    Of course you have questions. We want The Prelude Method to be as transparent and simple to understand as possible. But of course, this is science, and technology, and biology, and a huge life decision all rolled into one. If the information provided does not answer all of your questions and provide you with everything you want to know, please call us directly.